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5 x Exit Small Business Strategist

Clint Salter is an award winning entrepreneur, business development strategist and best-selling author of 2 books. By the age of 16, Clint started his first business and by 28, he had not only founded and sold 3 companies but was also named The Youngest Senior Celebrity Agent in Australia. 

Today, he is the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association: the largest community of Dance Studio Owners in the world. Clint has helped over 34,000 dance studio owners grow their business, impact their local communities and improve the lives of over 800,000 children through the programs and services he has created in DSOA.

"My business has thrived since I started working with Clint. We’ve grown by 30% and I can't imagine my life without him."

Clint gives “studio changing” advice on every call I’ve experienced with him. He inspires us to be our best and to keep reaching for more. I can't choose one thing Clint has taught me! Clint’s program is making me a better business leader and person and I see the same trickle effect happening with all of his members. Clint is a true gift to this industry and I will always be thankful for his guidance and leadership.

Amanda Hunsley
Prestige Dance Academy Inc. in Alberta, Canada 

"There is no part of being a dance studio CEO that Clint has left out. I built my 4 years and younger program up to 100% capacity under Clint’s expertise and guidance."

Every time I get on a call with Clint, which is usually a couple times a week, I leave the call with a plan. I could be in a complete meltdown but when Clint opens his mouth pure business growth “gold” comes out. He has certainly taught this old dog new tricks that have allowed me to continue to move into this new era with confidence and gusto.

Gwenn Capodieci
Backstage Studio Of Dance in New York, USA 

"After 2 years with Clint, I had my first profitable year ever. I increased my lead conversion rate to over 60% I know and understand my numbers now, thanks to Clint!"

I have been in Clint’s mastermind for 5 years, so I’ve had the privilege of experiencing MANY 1-on-1 calls with Clint.  The most recent call was about my finances.  He gave me insight on how to lower my payroll as well as reduce some other high line items. With his guidance, I have been working diligently, line by line, and have been able to cut many expenses.  I’m now projecting an extra 24k in profit thanks to Clint.

Shawna Kwan
Elan Dance Arts in Ontario, Canada


The Leading Small Business Growth Expert


In addition to regularly serving the top 20% of dance studio owners across the globe, Clint’s extraordinary contributions to the business world have been recognized across many disciplines. 

Clint has won countless awards for his achievements, including being named a finalist in the NSW Export Awards in 2019 and most recently the Gold Stevie Award (likened to the Oscars for business owners) for Online Training. Clint has also won the Silver Award at the 2020 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for Excellence in Innovation in Business Product & Service Industries.

Top 1% entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries have sought out Clint’s proven methodologies and expertise as premiere private consulting clients. We’re talking top performing businesses in the live and virtual event spaces, the online education space and even on Broadway!

Check out how Clint’s expertise and guidance has helped top 1% entrepreneurs grow their businesses and better serve their customers...

"Clint’s contributions alone have increased our profits by over 20% since we started working with him."

The implementation of Clint’s Student Attraction Matrix sold out tickets to our National Broadway Tour year after year. We’re talking 24 cities and over 1,500 students. Our annual Summer Program is the highest priced Broadway education program in the industry. Using Clint’s event profit formula framework we sold out 2 years in a row, which generated $1.5M for the company. Clint’s student generator amplifier helped us grow our audience by over 20,000 new subscribers. His CareFactor training increased our member retention by 45% and generated an additional $700,000.

Clint’s role in our company has been critical to the success and impact our company has made. Before Clint, I worked with three other business mentors, none of them were able to help us achieve even a fraction of the results we achieved by working with Clint.

Robert Hartwell
Founder & CEO at The Broadway Collective, Broadway Performer and Director

"Before implementing Clint’s systems, I was flying blind. As the leading growth expert in the dance studio industry, Clint’s methodology and systems were exactly what I needed to create massive growth and impact in our company."

Clint helped me design a 5-day-challenge launch strategy that yielded over $30,000 in revenue. Clint’s custom membership deconstruction blueprint saved us over $500,000 in team costs and lost revenue, which was the most powerful process I have ever been through with ANY business advisor. Clint’s virtual event matrix helped me pivot my live events into a virtual one, and it was a huge success! The event has already generated $24,000 in a matter of weeks and is projected to bring in over $75,0000 in sales total. The system Clint helped me create through his training program amplifier process alone will produce $100K in annual recurring income in the next 12 months.

Dr. Robyn Jackson
Founder & CEO at Mindsteps

"Under Clint’s expert guidance, we attracted over 1,000 entrepreneurs to participate in a virtual online marketing event."

Clint’s strategies propelled our show-up rate to over 25% . Using Clint's email sequences, scripts and methodologies, we enrolled 10 entrepreneurs into a high-level coaching program and built a Facebook Group of over 600 entrepreneurs! 

Chad Collins
Co-Founder & CEO of Brick Fest Live, Minefaire and Comic Con For Kids

Clint has also been featured
on stages across the globe

  • Co-host of the Dance Studio Makeover with over 500 studios in attendance (2015) 
  • Hosted over 30 interviews for Dance Teachers Unite (2015) 
  • Dance Teacher Web Live with over 500 studio owners in attendance (2015) 
  • The Dance Teacher Summit (2016 - 2019)
  • Babyballet Conference: the largest dance franchise in the UK (2016) 
  • We Are Podcast: Australia’s largest podcast conference (2016)
  • Dance Ideas Seminar (2016) 
  • Come Together Conference: Australia’s largest conference for Dance Studio Owners (2016)  
  • Ask Live with top entrepreneurs in their niches (2017)
  • Co-host of Dance Studio Ignite with over 700 studios in attendance (2017) 
  • Hosted and produced the Mia Michaels Tour in Australia with over 5,000 Australian dancers in attendance (2017) 
  • Preschool Dance Magic Conference that toured around Australia (2017)
  • Toronto Dance Teacher Expo (2017)  
  • The Business Boost (2018) 
  • Agency Owners Retreat (2018) 
  • Her Empire Retreat (2019)
  • Hosted the 3-day Dance Studio Domination with the USA’s top 300 dance studio owners (2019)
  • The Boardroom Conference (2018 - 2019) 

Psst! The Boardroom Conference is exclusively for entrepreneurs who are making more than $1 million dollars in their business! 

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Clint has sustained national and international acclaim as the author of 2 bestselling books


Dance Studio Transformation

Dance Studio Transformation is for studio owners who love dance, love teaching and love their students but feel like they need help when it comes to running a profitable business. This book will teach you how to become the CEO of your studio by walking you through strategies and tactics to transform each area of your business.


Dance Studio Success Secrets

Dance Studio Secrets is your must-have collection of dance studio ownership journeys from owners all around the globe at different stages of their business. Whether you’re a new studio owner or you’ve been on this journey for twenty years, Dance Studio Secrets will help you get to that next level.

But above all else, Clint’s #1 mission is making a difference at home and abroad


Global Impact Projects: World Teacher Aid in Kenya

Clint is passionate about making a meaningful impact in the world and in 2016, he channeled that passion into action! 

Within the space of 1 month, Clint formed a partnership with a brilliant not-for-profit organization, called World Teacher Aid.

Clint used his audience, networking and marketing expertise to raise funds to build a school in Kenya, Africa. 

Through his vision, dedication and sheer determination, Clint provided invaluable education in an area where it, sadly, would not have been available otherwise.

"Clint’s COVID-specific  resources have saved my business."

I had only 3 percent of families drop during this difficult time.

Heather Jackson
Kaleidoscope Dance in Illinois, USA

"If not for Clint, I would have made a lot of mistakes back in March of 2020 as we were entering into the COVID crisis."

Thanks to him and his timely and sound advice, my studio has not only survived but I’m confident we will come out of this stronger than ever.

Natasha Maltseva
LaVida Studio in Washington, USA


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