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"Our student numbers have grown by 22% under Clint’s guidance."

Before working with Clint our studio was doing well, but it still seemed like something was missing. Since our relationship began, Clint gave us constant systems, marketing plans and goals that were total game changers for our studio. We’re now leading the dance studio industry in our Chicago market and our community and culture are stronger than ever!

Shannon Westveer
Executive Director & Owner at All About Dance in Illinois, USA

"Clint is passionate about what he does and has built an incredible community of over 1,000 Dance Studio Owners who support each other."

I started working with Clint in my 2nd year of business and I am so grateful I took the plunge. I was completely burnt out, with little experience running a business and no systems in place. I was teaching 25 hours per week and doing most of the administration myself. I now have a great team, defined systems in place, multiple revenue streams, time to work on the business and have increased profitability. Thanks to Clint, my studio has grown into my vision and more! There's no one better to work with than Clint.

Michelle Doyle
Launch Performing Arts Centre, Mermaid Beach, AU

"Clint helped me create a new revenue stream that brings an additional $80K each year and become a well-known dance studio in the highly competitive Los Angeles market."

Thanks to Clint, I was able to relocate my studio into a stunning new facility and grow my team so I could work a 20 hour week and raise my young children. I have grown as a leader, systemized everything you can possibly imagine and my business has doubled each year since implementing Clint’s systems.

Jodi Shilling
Relevé Studios, CA, USA

"Clint knows business and our results speak to that! Our studio has grown by about 20% and our retention rate has increased by 15% since working with Clint."

As a 25 year business owner, I was getting stale before I met Clint. I was not working ON my business but IN it, and I was tired and ready to step away. Clint reignited my passion for my business and helped me to better understand my customers’ needs. As a dance studio owner who majored in business, I completely appreciate his wisdom, drive and conviction.

Ronda Brinkman
Springfield Dance, Inc., IL, USA

"Both our student numbers AND retention rates have increased by 20% since working with Clint!"

Once we met Clint and started applying his information and guidelines everything changed. We started to focus on specifics, create target areas to market to, implement an enrollment process, automate our database, and update our fee collection process. Clint helped us make more money and waste less time on debt collection.

Natalie Ettingshausen
Ettingshausens Dance Theatre Martial Arts, NSW, AU

"Our retention rate has increased by 13% and our team has grown by 50% from working with Clint."

When I was just starting out in 2009, I was starving for information on how to run my studio and there was just nothing out there. This is such a niche industry, and only someone who really knows it inside and out understands what needs to happen to make a dance studio business successful. Clint is that person. Clint really cares about helping dance studio owners. He has owned a studio. He has owned a dance competition. His expertise aligns perfectly with what dance studio owners need. Clint is a marketing magician and an incredible businessperson that produces real results.

Meghan Reyes
Fusion Dance Project, CA, USA

"Our retention rate has increased by 90% and our team has grown by 50% from working with Clint."

I am thankful and blessed that I found Clint when I did. It has been fun, knowledgeable and humbling to learn from Clint and his amazing team. Clint’s mentorship, knowledge and work ethic has inspired me to move my studio forward.

Heather Wayne 
Heather Wayne Performing Arts GA,USA

"We owe the longevity and the lifespan of our business to Clint!"

Our studio was in a great place before Clint but now we have true purpose and direction.

Lisette Stein
Prestige dance academy inc, Calgary, CA

"Clint keeps current with what is working in the business world and has helped our studio grow by 10%!"

Clint brings accountability to those he is consulting with supportive honesty. He focuses on feedback to bring change and he is not doing what everyone else is doing. We’ve doubled our staff thanks to Clint’s guidance.

Lynn Hadden-Quinn
LHQ Danceforce, MA, USA

"I have met a lot of businessmen, but very few have Clint’s work ethic, drive and direct approach to business."

I admire Clint as a businessman because of his ability to make a situation better and also offer a solution in a time of urgency. His commitment to add value to the lives of others everyday is an inspiration and I am proud of the work he does. Clint will not only enhance your business but also enhance your life.

Peter Morrissey
International Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

"We hit our targets and the business has really taken off!"

Clint really listened carefully and supported my ideas. He then gave me practical marketing advice. It has been really satisfying for me. Thanks so much Clint I really appreciate your support, encouragement and advice.

Pip McKay
Founder, Evolve Now

"Clint is the visionary that we all should strive to become. He’s the 21st century leader who will guide us all into the new age."

Coupled with creative passion and business acumen, Clint’s ability to make a difference in this world is backed up with all things that work towards true manifestation. Serving as a contributor with Clint’s Make The World Move website, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a spiritual leader who’s uncanny ability to unite cultures, with that of enlighten thought, is remarkable! I’m looking forward to continued collaboration, insight and leadership provided by Mr. Salter.

Klay S. Williams
Author & Lifestyle Consultant

"Clint was instrumental in helping my career thrive!"

Clint is incredibly organized, passionate and above all, he really cares about his clients. It has been a great journey working with Clint and I love watching his progress.

Zoe Bingley-Pullin
Entrepreneur & Television Presenter on Good Chef / Bad Chef

"Clint is a true professional: dedicated, efficient, authentic and engaged."

Clint always goes above and beyond what is expected and continually looks for new ways to deliver for his clients. Clint's achievements to date stand as a testament to the calibre of his talents and give you an insight into what he is capable of. And this is just the beginning. His service is always personal and you can be assured that whatever your goals, Clint will be a true asset in helping you achieve them.

John Pappalardo
IT Specialist

"Clint is a rare individual and an asset to those fortunate enough to work with him."

Clint Salter is one focussed and dedicated person. Whether he is working with an individual, a business or within an organisation he diligently uses his vast array of expertise to take individuals and teams from just functioning to thriving - increasing productivity and profits.

Christina Guidotti
Christina Guidotti International

"Clint’s an incredibly astute entrepreneur. He is also an innovator, with great integrity and guidance."

Clint is a man of his word, and he seems to have the Midas touch because he has not only created incredibly successful businesses quickly, but has been headhunted by some of the top companies in his field. To top it off, he's actually a nice guy. No malice.

Tia Jordan
Owner, Audition Guru

"My workshop would not have been the success it was without Clint!"

Clint is a rockstar! Through working with him on my very first event in Australia I was able to see his incredible gift of being able to get things done and make stuff happen with a smile on his face. He was able to secure an awesome venue, generate great PR, and bring people to the event.

Christine Hassler
International Speaker and Author of 2 Bestselling Books

"There are many "Mentors" around today, but there are not many people who exude a total commitment to and passion for business and life like Clint Salter does."

Clint has been instrumental in mentoring me both personally and professionally over the past 4 - 5 years and I can honestly say that his advice is always timely, measured, inspiring and illuminating! Mentoring others is truly a calling for Clint, and I would recommend him 100%.

Christine Denny
CEO, Tapatak Oz

"Clint has a unique ability to pinpoint key areas of our operations needing attention and offer fresh ideas and solutions."

Clint has a refreshing enthusiasm in his mentoring style, providing valuable information and advice in a positive manner. His advice also reflects the latest online marketing and social media opportunities to advance our brand recognition in an ever-evolving landscape.

Chris Duncan
Managing Director, DanceLifes

"Clint is very passionate and purposeful about what he does."

I have been impressed with Clint’s ability to provide actionable advice at a moment’s notice and his sharp eye for detail. Clint is a shining example of how we should live our lives in that he follows his dreams and demonstrates that, if you take the leap, things are actually greener on the other side.

Jason Naumovski
Director, Words That Work

"Clint is dedicated, professional and super-organized."

I love working with people who make it their mission to serve the greater good, and do so from a place of humility and genuine kindness. Clint is definitely one of those people.

Shannon Dunn
Eco Beauty Editor

"Clint was able to help me clearly define my goals from just one session we had together."

His direct and positive manner was useful in helping me determine the outcomes I wanted during an uncertain period in my business.

Patty Kikos
Yoga Studio Owner

"I think of Clint as soon as I hear the word “innovator” or “forward-thinker.”"

I’ve always been struck by Clint's talent, creativity, ambition and humour. As an adult, I watched him start his own successful businesses and carve a name for himself as a budding young entrepreneur. I’ve noticed that when Clint has an idea or a vision, he follows it through to the end. It’s no stretch for me to say that I’ve always admired his focus, motivation and drive.

Nikita Lee

"Clint is an innovative thought leader and an exceptional entrepreneur."

Clint Salter has a passion that is evident in everything he creates. He knows how to put ideas, people, distribution and content together to MAKE the WORLD MOVE forward!

Nina Boski
Founder, LifeBites Media

"Clint’s knowledge network, along with his keen and varied talents are invaluable."

What impressed me about Clint -- apart from his obvious ability to network, research and seek appropriate resources -- was his incredible energy with inspiring ideas and vision. This coupled with a disarming candour prompted me to say “yes” to his mentorship right on the spot.

Philipa Thornton
Couple and Individual Psychologist at Marriage Works

"Everything Clint does is genuine, authentic, and beyond professional expectation. "

I have known Clint since 2006 as a manager, fellow-entrepreneur and friend. He has helped guide me through important decisions in my work and helped me garner success in my career. Through his extensive experience and hard work, he has developed one rare and valuable gift.

Michael Falzon
Performer & Entrepreneur

"As a result of working with Clint, I got a much clearer idea about what things to work on that have a positive impact on my revenue."

The main challenge I was facing before I started working with Clint was lack of strategy for my business. The best part of Clint’s program was the interactive sessions where I came up with specific issues and we tackled them on the line. I highly recommend anyone to Clint’s services to anyone who lacks strategy in their business and wants to take it to the next level.

Daniel Jordi
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Career Revolution Advisor

"Clint has become an integral part of my exponential business learning curve and am grateful for all his time, knowledge, effort and good will."

I would strongly recommend any one from any business stream who feels in need of support -- whether a fledgling or more established business looking for ways to grow -- to seek out Clint’s business acumen, his guidance, positivity and forever-fresh approach.

Avigail Herman
Talent Coach and Performer

"6 months into working with Clint, we have a lot more business in the pipeline consistently and our service mix is now optimized."

I worked with Clint early in 2014 on some particularly challenging business model problems.  He helped me clarify precisely what I needed to do to refine my service model, and he helped me figure out how to get it to market in the quickest possible time… and it worked! Clint made the journey enjoyable and he spiked my curiosity about some of his proven methods which I used, and they worked.

Brad Monaghan
Director and Principal Consultant at Revenue Builder

"Clint provides tangible solutions to common issues such as database capture, nurture tools, social media plans, income and expenditure advice, outsourcing leads and time management tricks."

Clint was a breath of fresh air to deal with. I highly recommend Clint if you are seeking someone who has been in the trenches, who believes in working smarter rather than just harder and who will hold you accountable to your own objectives. If you are a start up business or a business with bigger picture plans, Clint is the keel you need to fit to your ship.

Adam Drummond
Creative Director, adamdrummond.com.au